Meet Pat Simmons
You may not know Pat Simmons’ name, but if you’re a golfer, you know of several of his inventions. In addition to being a prolific golf club designer and inventor of innumerable gadgets and gizmos, Pat has led a fascinating life, as you can see by a brief look at a summary of his biography.


  • Titanalloy shaft, titanium insert, ceramic insert.
  • Tiger Shark fairway wood (first low profile, low center-of-gravity wood)
  • Tiger Shark putters
  • Tiger Shark irons, Tiger Shark woods and Tiger Shark utility clubs
  • Attila sand wedge
  • Sand Shark
  • Great White putter, Great White irons and Great White woods
  • Hammer Head putter
  • Piranha woods and irons
  • Designed the Zebra putter for Dave Taylor who created the Zebra concept
  • Tourshot QL woods, irons and utility clubs
  • Alien wedges, Alien woods, and Alien irons
  • Pat Simmons Golf Ultimate Driver System

Professional Golfer
  • Played part-time on the US, European and Japanese Tours from 1963 through 1991
  • Head Golf Professional - Crystalaire Country Club, Camelot Golf Course, Emerald Forest Golf Club, Rancho Desert Aire Golf Club

  • Partner - Findley Construction Co.
  • Owner - Bellflower Electric Co., Inc. - heavy equipment company engaged in roadways, earth moving, drainage control, equipment sales and other engineering projects.
  • V.P. General Manager - Axaline Golf Co., Inc.
  • President - Pat Simmons Golf Co. in (Pat Simmons putters and utility clubs).
  • President - Simmons International (Excalibur, Crown, Merlin and Honeycomb woods, irons, putters and utility clubs).
  • President - Bellflower Engineering Co. division of Simmons International
  • President - Golf Tech Golf Co. division of Simmons International
  • President - Pacific Cascade Tool and Die Co. division of Simmons International
  • President - Simmons Int'l, Canada division of Simmons International
  • Owner - Sigma Golf Co., Inc. which did design, tooling and manufacturing for more than twenty other golf companies and distributors including Wilson, Hogan, Lynx, Ryder, Mizuno, Hillerich and Bradsby
  • Owner - Simmons Arabian ranches
  • Owner - The Golf Factory (retail golf stores)
  • Owner - Tourshot Golf Co., Inc. (QL woods, irons and utility clubs, the Alien line)
  • Executive Vice President R&D - Alien (retired in October 2000)
  • Partner - Simmons Design Group, Ltd. was established in June 2001 with son Mark for the purpose of design, engineering, tooling and consulting in the golf club and related golf industry business.
Partner - Pat Simmons Golf, LLC, was established in 2003 with Larry Bjore, PGA Professional

Professional Baseball Player
  • Signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1951, played in their minor league system Bisbee-Douglas class C, and one year class A Spokane in 1952.
  • US Navy two seasons. Inter service All Stars, NBC, All American. While in the Navy sold to Philadelphia Phillies. Syracuse Class AAA 1954.

  • Pat’s hobbies include flying (he has a multi-engine rating), scuba diving, and shooting (he was a Lieutenant and Range Master-Instructor in the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department)
Attended University of Oregon
  • Widowed with a son Mark and daughter Pam.